NEW ARRIVAL: Harissa infused EVOO is back!

This EVOO is unlike any other and oh so versatile. Its unique blend of spices and mouth feel has garnered quite the cult following…so we brought it back to the store. Great way to kick off 2018! ~~~ This spicy oil is most popular in North Africa and the Middle East. Harissa is made with […]

Top Pairings Card

Here are our suggested vinegar + oil combinations, to spark the culinary imagination, awaken your taste buds, and have your guests drooling.  Enjoy! ~ Black Cherry Balsamic + Lemon EVOO Black Cherry Balsamic + Wild Mushroom & Sage EVOO Black Cherry Balsamic + Rosemary or Basil EVOO Blackberry Ginger Balsamic + Persian Lime EVOO Blackberry […]

Cheat Sheet – Top Uses of EVOO & Vinegar

Cold-pressed EVOO + barrel-aged balsamic or specialty vinegar = Healthiest way to add flavour to any dish! They should be a staple in every kitchen and used daily for the overwhelming health benefits and superior taste!   ** TOP USES OF EVOO AND VINEGAR ** Salad dressings & instant vinaigrettes Roasting, Baking, Grilling, Sautéing, Marinades […]

February Newsletter

Sexy MONQ on sale for $20 in February Breathe natural temptation Sexy MONQ is a blend of: Patchouli | pogostemon patchouli Indonesia, organic cultivated, steam distillation Patchouli is one of the most aphrodisiacal substances known. It is widely associated with stress relief, and is known to be relaxing and grounding, yet sensual. Jasmine | jasminum […]

Fresh Southern Hemisphere oils have arrived

Don Carlos Olive Oil We are thrilled to announce that ‘The Don’ arrives this afternoon! At a whopping 556 ppm polyphenol count this robust oil is off the charts for its health benefits. This rare Italian hybrid variety displays notes of tart green apple, herb, cut grass, and pine. An amazing EVOO from a single […]

New Business of the Year

We are so pleased to announce that thanks to the amazing support of our Campbell River customers the Tyee Plaza Tasting Bar has been nominated for New Business of the Year! We are honoured to be recognized by the Campbell River Chamber of Commerce and will keep you updated when the balloting begins! Our fresh […]

North Island’s first oil and vinegar tasting bar opens

A unique tasting experience has come to the Comox Valley. Signature Oil & Vinegar specializes in fresh, high-quality extra virgin olive oils and Italian balsamic vinegars. When you walk into the shop at 2060 Guthrie Rd. you will be greeted by 37 gleaming stainless steel containers called fustis, each with a different product available for […]

Now open at the Crown Isle

February News “The Comox Valley is renowned for having incredible food production, whether you wish seafood, meat or vegetables. The large selection of specialty seasonal oils and quality vinegars available from Lisa and Sigrid of Signature Oil & Vinegar enables me and my cooks to be more inspired and creative. It is amazing how a […]

Open at Tyee Plaza!

It has been quite a month! In just four weeks, our dream has become reality and our beautiful new Campbell River store is open for business at #1121 Shoppers Row. With the added space we have been able to add 10 new products. Get a jump start on your Christmas shopping and come to check […]

Tasting Bar with a Twist

Signature Oil & Vinegar in Comox offers a unique new culinary experience There’s a new bar in town, and it doesn’t serve beer! It is not open until the wee hours of the morning and you will never find a dance band there. You are, however, guaranteed to have some fun, learn something new and […]